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Breaking the Myth! Non-Toxic Hair Care Myths Debunked

I'll be the first to admit that when my naturopath suggested I switch to organic hair care, my knee-jerk reaction was a resounding no. After numerous attempts with various "natural" or "non-toxic" products over the years, I was often left underwhelmed, not to mention the dent in my wallet.

Naturopath suggesting Non-Toxic Hair Care

Yet, when the decision came to shift both my personal and professional life towards cleaner living, I knew diligence was key.

The products for Salon True had to be not only organic and low-chemical but also produce results on par with traditional counterparts. Here, let's debunk the top 5 myths about non-toxic hair products and explore how Salon True is turning these misconceptions on their heads.

Non-Toxic Hair Care

Myth #1: Natural Products Don’t Work as Well as Conventional Ones:

Some believe that non-toxic hair care may not match the effectiveness of conventional products.

Fact: At Salon True, every product is tested before hitting the shelves. We only source formulations with the highest quality, potent ingredients, ensuring they perform as well, if not better than, synthetically-laden alternatives.

Myth #2: Non-Toxic Products Are Expensive and Hard to Find:

A common narrative suggests that making the switch will be pricier and limit variety.

Fact: While some non-toxic lines can be a bit more expensive, it's comparable to conventional options. We proudly carry Oway and Innersense, both offering exceptional results without breaking the bank.

Myth #3: All Chemicals are Harmful, Even in Small Amounts:

The belief that any chemical, regardless of type or quantity, is harmful.

Fact: Our approach follows the "Good, Better, Best" theory. We steer clear of known harmful chemicals, advocating for safer alternatives without expecting perfection in an imperfect world.

Myth #4: Low-Toxin/Organic Hair Colour can’t Achieve Vibrant Colour or Grey Coverage: Consumers believe that because a product is low toxin/organic, they won’t be able to achieve the desired results from their hair colour.

Fact: The beauty industry is one of the most scrutinized industries. It is also one of the most efficient in working to create the latest and greatest formulations to create the results that consumers are looking for. With the advancement in low-tox color formulations, there is no reason you can’t have amazing hair color without sacrificing your health.

hairstylist using Non-Toxic Hair Care

Myth #5: If it’s Low-Tox/Organic it Can’t Cause an Allergic Reaction:

People usually believe that because something is natural or organic, they won’t have an allergic reaction to the product.

Fact: Natural and organic ingredients can still trigger allergies in some people. We always suggest getting a patch test before any services if you have had an allergic reaction or sensitivities to products in the past.

In a world of myths, Salon True stands as a beacon of transparency. Our commitment to non-toxic beauty is unwavering, and we invite you to experience the difference. Because here, the truth is in every strand — beautiful, vibrant, and healthy.

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