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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have free parking?
    We don't have any dedicated parking due to the busy nature of 17th Avenue. There is ample parking in the neighbourhood including underground parking across the street on 16th Avenue at Mount Royal West.
  • Are you in The Devenish?
    No, we are located to the west of The Devenish on 17th Avenue between 8th & 9th. Check out our "Locating Us" page for handy instructions.
  • Do you use Henna?
    We do not use henna or any other vegetable/compound dyes as they do not provide consistent, predictable results. Our colour is a professional hair colour line that has organic ingredients and lower toxicity. It is not compatible with henna, and we cannot colour your hair if you have been using henna.
  • Which colour lines do you use?
    We use Oway Organics and Original & Mineral colour.
  • I have allergies. Can I use your colour line safely?
    While our colour lines are less likely to cause a reaction, it's still possible. We offer complimentary skin tests to screen for potential reactions. You can book a "New Guest Consultation" at your convenience through our website to start this process.
  • If I bring Hairprint, will you apply it for me?
    We stand by our professional organic colour lines and will not apply a colour you bring yourself.
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